To make an amazing dish, you need to find amazing ingredients. Which is why our menus change with the seasons and everything is sourced from within NSW.
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The choices we make about the foods we eat have a powerful impact on not only our personal health but the community and environment around us. We pride ourselves on always looking for ways to source smarter and make better decisions so that our customers can feel as good as we do about the food on their plate.

Food Miles

“Food miles” is the distance food travels from where it was grown to where it is consumed. The more food miles a particular piece of food has, the less sustainable and environmentally friendly it is. This is due the level of production, packaging, storage techniques and transportation involved in moving produce further distances. We source only from within NSW to keep our food miles and therefore carbon footprint to a minimum.


We have relationships with local growers and producers in NSW that we know and trust, so that we support our community and local farmers. Everything in the Manly Wine kitchen is made fresh from scratch and our mornings are spent slicing, dicing & spicing anything that ends up on your plate.

Animal Welfare

Every food journey should begin with care being shown to ingredients and animals. By keeping our supply network local, we can ensure that we’re only working with farmers who respect Australian animal welfare and safety standards.